Real Estate Services

Chicago Capital Holdings Real Estate Services specialize in advising lenders and others who find themselves with under performing, troubled real estate loans or assets. The associated properties are typically in transition from an owner/borrower and or developer and require specific case-by-case analysis to determine what is next for them.

Our key personnel have over 110 years of real estate acquisition, development, financing, construction, and marketing experience. The Chicago Capital Holdings team members have held senior management positions at both the developer / borrower level and on the lender level in various economic, market, and geographic situations. We have deep expertise in raw / vacant land, entitlements, land development, multi – family, single family, mixed use, commercial, and industrial real estate.

Areas of service provided by Chicago Capital Holdings include:

Asset Disposition – Identify potential buyers of real estate or secured notes. Coordinate all relevant property information to market the subject property to prospective purchasers. Distribute property information to local and national contacts that represent a variety of real estate investors and purchasers. Manage the solicitation of property offers and expectations to create optimal timing and valuation for asset disposition. Facilitate the property transaction process with purchaser in order to ensure expeditious, problem free closing.

Site / Market Analysis – Determination of present value, assessment of trends and variables which affect future value, assessment of risk factors and other claims which affect title. Review of perfected entitlements, annexation and development agreements, developer obligations, existing and required infrastructure, development fees, site condition / stabilization and permit compliance. Identification of market competition, position, and past and current sales absorption rates. Cost-to-complete estimates and scenario financial modeling for making informed decisions.

Asset / Property Management – Utilize information from the site / market analysis to develop a strategic plan that will recommend one or more courses of action that could be taken for the property. Recommendations may consider repositioning the property for an adjustment to the current market or preparation for an anticipated future market in order to maximize value. Modify existing entitlements into more feasible, market ready future build out scenarios. Ensure that day-to-day management of the property is current, including tenant / home owner association oversight, physical condition of the property, and budget development for the cost of hold during the transition period.

Development and Construction Management – Complete unfinished land development / public infrastructure developer obligations. Stabilize site conditions to confirm environmental regulatory compliance. Coordinate municipal public improvement acceptance and letter of credit / performance bond reductions and release activities. Finish construction on partially completed residences and / or the balance of the development. Coordinate warranty obligations on existing homes. Going forward, prepare project accounting and financial reporting.

Receivership and Bankruptcy – Utilize the above referenced real estate services as a court appointed receiver. Ensure adequate scope and authority as a trusted third party with the necessary tools for smooth transition and financial responsibility to maintain and create value for the asset. Most importantly, stabilize property operations and promote tenant and resident retention. Assist turnaround management teams with real estate asset responsibilities. Advise and assist bankruptcy trustees on real estate assets.

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